Cybersecurity Meetup

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Cybersecurity Meetup

The July meetup was held in the original co-working space in Newry – The Hub.

Suzanne & Paddy welcomed us on the 26th July as we heard from Peter McCaul about local startup Péarlí who operate a retail loyalty fob service in several shopping centres and are beginning to expand.

Péarlí share office space with another local tech company – FieldMotion – who produce software to support field services staff. So for the August meetup on Cyber Security we were invited to the Field Motion / Péarlí offices.

During the CyberSecurity meetup Jonny McCullagh demonstrated manual techniques used in cyber attacks including scans, local and remote password cracking. The group also discussed automated tools for penetration scanning including OpenVAS and Nessus.

Next month we will hosted at SRC location Greenshoots and the event is to be sponsored by the council DigitalNMD project. We will hear from experts in 3D technologies using digital scanners and drones.


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